Create an Animation


Exploring local railway heritage through film

Learning aims

  • Understanding the significance of inventors and inventions (film and train travel) and what impact modern inventions have on our world


  • iPads loaded with Stop Motion Studio app (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/stop-motion-studio/id441651297?mt=8)
  • Ideally with a cover that can be used to stand iPad up vertically
  • Chunks of plasticine, enough for each pupil to make a figure 4/5 inches tall
  • A4 white paper or card with enough pens/pencils/felt tips for all
  • Scissors
  • Sheets of A3 if possible (or taped together A4)


Discuss the relationship between the history of the railway and the history of film.

  • What makes heritage different to history?
  • What impact did different inventions have?
  • What was life like before trains, lights bulbs, telephones and photography?

Explain how early film cameras work, show examples of a zoetrope, and lead into basics of animation.

Making an Animation

  • Short introduction to the basic functions of the Stop Motion Studio app.
  • Make a plasticine model about 4 or 5 inches tall.
  • Rehearse the movement of the character.
  • Use the Stop Motion Studio to record the movement, make a small movement and take an image. You can review your progress as you go along.
  • Record a commentary or some audio to accompany the film.
  • Films can then be shared and reviewed.