Make an Audio Guide


Creating an audio guide for the Liverpool and Manchester railway

Learning aims

  • Looking at the differences and similarities between original and current stations along the Liverpool and Manchester railway.
  • Learning about how the railway functions and how the railway was built.
  • Understanding the changes that have occurred and the historical significance behind the location of different stations.


  • paper
  • pens
  • voice recorder


For this activity you are encouraged to take a train journey between Liverpool and Manchester.

Look at the map of the Liverpool and Manchester railway from today and when it first opened. What differences can you see?

Using their own memories of the railway journey, ask the children to think of their own imaginary railway.

Would it have the same stations on it? Would it go between the same two cities? Would the stations have anything unusual about them?

Draw a map of an imaginary railway line. Think about each station on the route. What would you see, feel and hear at these imaginary stations?

Record a short introduction in the style of an audio guide telling people what your station is like.