Make a Collage


Creating paper and digital collages of railway images from the past and present

Learning aims

  • Comparing and contrasting the development of rail technology from the past to the present and the different fuels/energy that have been used to power trains


  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • A4 paper, coloured paper
  • Selection of images of trains, landscapes, stations
  • Computer loaded with Photoshop


Paper collage

  • What do different trains look like and why? What is their effect on the environment? Think about where this energy comes from. How do steam, diesel and electric trains work and also how might trains be powered in the future?
  • Using Constructivist photo-collage as an example (show examples), create a collage inspired by the process.
  • Create simple relationships between multiple images on the page, think about how they communicate and connect.

Digital collage

  • For this task use existing photos. These could be photographs taken as part of a trip to a heritage location.
  • What makes a good photograph? What elements of the pictures would you like to include in your final collage?
  • Select an image for the background.
  • Demonstrate how to change brightness/contrast and colour in Photoshop.
  • Select another image and use the simple cut-out tool. Copy and paste on to a new layer.
  • Show the children how to change the size and distort.
  • Select other images to distort and think about how the size, shape and colour works between each image.